Cycling wear-Offeres Enriched and Comfort Cycling experience

Definition of cycling wear

Cycling wear refers to the utilization of equipment or garments. These are utilized for enhancing performance and comfort during cycling. In the modern era, many people around the world are opting for cycling as their hobby. Furthermore, a large number of people across the world aspire for healthy lifestyles. This factor develops an interest in sports and fitness activities, which eventually propelling the demand for cycling wears in the upcoming years.

Cycling wear on the basis of product outlook

1. Cyclewear Accessories

Cyclewear accessories are anticipated to grow at a high pace in the upcoming years. Helmets or headgear is regarded as one of the important cycling wears. Helmets offer comfort and safety to the rider during cycling. Manufacturing companies have been introducing advanced innovations and technologies concerning the development of the helmet.

In recent years, Trek and Bontrager, a cycling company that deals in cycling product manufacturing, introduced a new helmet. This helmet is manufactured with the assistance of WaveCel technology. This technology guarantees to offer 48 times more protection than traditional EPS foam at averting concussion from common cycling accidents.

2. Cyclewear Apparel

The cycle wear apparel segment held the biggest revenue share of the industry in 2019. There is a wide scope of cycling wear apparel and clothing available in the market. The products that come under cycling wear apparel are beanies, leggings, tight jackets, shorts, gloves, and jerseys. These products are produced with superior category clothing material offering good comfort to the rider. Some more features available in these products are moisture resistance, windproof, high visibility, durability, and waterproof.

Cycling wear apparel is manufactured to support and fit the body during riding and hence is made up of stretchable material to provide additional comfort.

Cycling wear on the basis of distribution channel

1. Hypermarket and Supermarket

In 2019, Hypermarket and supermarket stores held the biggest revenue share of the industry. Several buying schemes and accessibility of a wide range of items in these stores are anticipated to propel the demand. Furthermore, these stores have a unique presence of sports items sections, which motivate people to purchase the sports-related products from these stores. Various companies like Adidas, Nike, and Decathlon are offering high discounts on items through these retail stores channels.

Furthermore, the trend of having a customer representative in these stores aids the consumers in achieving a pleasant shopping experience. These factors are likely to boost the demand for cycling wear from this distribution channel.

2. E-Commerce

E-commerce is anticipated to grow at a fast pace in the next few years. This is credited to the rising impact of digital marketing strategies employed by companies to sell and promote their products. In addition, several factors like the availability of a wide scope of items at one place and high discount rates are some of the advantages of e-commerce platforms. Moreover, e-commerce sites have various size, color, and return policies which are accelerating the demand for cycling wear from e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce platforms are thriving because of low delivery cost and customer review about several products on online sites.

Current scenario of cycling wear

As indicated by the report published by the World Health Organization (WHO), people who cycle from home to work have a 40% lower risk of getting life-threatening illnesses, for example, diabetes, and maintaining cholesterol levels, in comparison with individuals who drive or take the public vehicle to their place of work. The reduction in noise pollution, decrease in GHG emissions or carbon footprints, development of electric bikes, and the advancement of cycling everywhere in the world are some of the components foreseen to boost the demand for cycling wear.

Electric bikes are getting increasing popularity because of the support from the government and consideration of ecological elements. This is anticipated to influence the development of riding wear in the future. Additionally, growing consumer tendency towards utilization of e-bike as it consumes less physical energy, eco-friendly in nature, and is a proficient method to battle with occupied traffic and increasing fuel cost. Each one of these variables is anticipated to boost the development of cycling wear in the near future.


Cycling wear refers to clothing for improving the comfort and safety level of a rider. The demand for cycling wear will increase significantly because of the rise in awareness among consumers. People are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of cycling. Moreover, people’s preferences towards luxury wear are boosting the cycling wear market in the upcoming years.

Based on product outlook, the cycling wear market is segmented into cycle wear apparel and cycle wear accessories. On the basis of the distribution channel, the cycling wear market is classified into hypermarket & supermarket, and e-commerce. We assume the cycling wear market will flourish more in the next few years.