Penetration of Baby Apparel in the fashion industry

Good baby apparel is considered as a social and cultural practice among the parents as it depicts richness and variance in social classes. The demand for the latest style wear and fashion trends is continuously increasing. In view of the increasing awareness about baby apparel among modern parents, manufacturing companies are focused to adopt new innovations in apparel design.

Thus, over the past few years, there has been increasing product innovation, customization, reasonable pricing of children apparel.

All that you must know about baby apparel

Baby Apparel is specially designed for children of the age group of 0 to 36 months. The size of the infant and toddler clothing is based on age. Baby fashion is nowadays considered a social-cultural consumerist practice. It is really fascinating to buy cute little outfits for babies. With the changing lifestyle, modern parents want their kids to wear the current trending clothes. They are preferring designer baby clothing owing to the increase in the number of baby fashion shows in schools and other specific occasions.

Fabrics matters most in baby apparel

As the skin of babies is very soft, and sensitive. It is very important to take care of the quality of fabrics used in the clothes. Some fabrics may cause irritation and discomfort to their skin. Since comfort and ease of access is the basic aspect of baby apparel, many brands are designing baby clothes with high-quality fabrics.

Cotton is the best fiber for baby apparel, it has breathability, more absorbency, and give a high comfort level. Most parents prefer to buy baby apparel made up of cotton. Lawn cotton, voile, muslin, bastiste, bamboo rayon are some of the common fabrics used in making baby’s apparel.

The factors leading the increased demand of baby apparel

In recent years, parents have become more aware of the apparel products of babies that provide comfort. In the fashion category, baby apparel has ballooned its size. Many brands are focusing to launch designer but comfortable apparel for the past few years.

As the disposal income of the people is increasing, resulting in the increased propensity of the buying branded garments. Modern parents love to keep their babies up to fashion trends.

Some top brands of baby apparel

Various online shopping platform like Flipkart, Myntra, and Amazon has introduced new categories for the age group of up to 2 years. Gini & Jony, Lilliput, GAP, Nino Bambino, Firstcry, Mothercare are some of the popular brands of baby apparel. The brands are actively promoting and advertising designer baby clothing along with visual merchandising at different supermarkets.

Types of baby apparel

Baby clothing includes apparel like outerwear, nightwear, innerwear, socks, and tights that are designed for babies. Outerwear, nightwear, innerwear, socks, and tights are some of the common types of baby clothes. Outerwear includes jackets, sweatshirts, winter wear, shirts, denim, shirts, frocks, etc. while underwear pants, thermal coats, vests, panties, bloomers, etc.

Design of kid’s apparel

One-piece outfit

Jumpers and one-piece clothes are very comfortable for babies. They are good for babies of 0-1-year-old. It gives convenient to dress and babies feel free to move their hands and legs.


Mothers choose cotton t-shirts with turtle necks for their babies as they easily slip over the baby’s head. T-shirts are available in different colors and designs. Some brands offer t-shits with undershirts that give warmth to babies.

Woolen clothes

Sweaters in different designs, cardigans, zippered sweaters, and sweat-shirts are very popular. Kids generally don’t like wearing woolen clothes. Fleece jackets are the best option for them. Along with providing warmth, it gives classy look to children.

From where you can buy baby apparel

Parents can buy baby apparel either from online or offline stores. The brands are focused to increase the penetration of retail stores so as to fulfill the increasing demand for baby apparel. With the increasing use of the internet, parents are getting updated with the latest fashion. The e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba, along with discounts offered by them, are encouraging the adoption of online shopping across the globe.

Sum up

The Baby Apparel Market has been witnessing rapid growth due to increasing demand of demand for the latest style wear and fashion trends. Baby apparels include clothes especially designed for small babies of 0-2 years old. The selection of good fabrics that are used in designing the baby apparel is very crucial.

Various brands are offering a variety of baby apparel keeping the demand of parents in mind. Baby apparel can be purchased easily either from offline or online stores. Increasing demand for trendy and stylish baby wears and increasing preference for branded apparel will contribute to market growth.