Digital Therapeutics Assist in Curing Diseases

Digital therapeutics is evidence-based therapeutic interventions, which are driven by very high-quality software programs. It assists the patients by preventing, managing, and treating a health condition or disorder. These solutions are among the most digitalized & improved division of digital health.

It provides several advances and crucial solutions to the healthcare delivery system that are negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital therapeutics solutions depend on the behavioural and lifestyle changes of the patient.

With the advancements in technology and the utilization of mobile technology, many industries are getting digitalized. The growing digitalization around the world is increasing the adoption of digital therapeutics by patients.

It also assists doctors to supervise a person’s health and give some therapies to do at home. The COVID-19 pandemic has surged the requirement for digital therapeutics by people suffering from chronic diseases. It offers a variety of therapies to supervise and enhance the condition of a patient.

The working of digital therapeutics

The rising prevalence of chronic diseases like depression requires a proper medical attention and diagnosis at times. With the help of digital therapeutic solutions, a patient suffering from chronic diseases can get medical attention from doctors and even get therapies for it.

This digital methodology helps in collecting and analysing patient on the basis of their behaviour and lifestyle changes. The data is gathered and then analysed by the doctors to form a progress report and give preventive measures for it. The treatment is given to the patient by the professional after monitoring their lifestyle, food habits, sleep cycle etc.

Digital therapeutics solutions record, collect and evaluate the condition of a patient by using methods rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy to improve a patient’s lifestyle. All these methodologies can vary from simple notifications for changing a patient’s behaviour to the complex administration.

This complicated monitoring are done through an external sensor to supervise the efficacy of the given therapy or medication for chronic diseases. It is a standalone treatment option for patients who are at risk of developing more serious health conditions.

It is different from wellness apps that offer medication reminders. However, digital therapeutics needs continuous clinical evidence to prove the intended usage and improve the health condition.

What are the advantages of digital therapeutics

The growing role of mobile & digital technology in daily life is surging the demand for digital healthcare. Hence, we are mentioning some of the advantages related to digital therapeutics:

  • It supports a patient by giving them proper attention and enhancing their health condition in the situation where healthcare system collapse.
  • It assists in growing the patient’s access to clinically safe and effective therapies.
  • It removes the requirement for going out or in-person medical attention for people having chronic diseases.
  • It acknowledges the ever-growing mental health issues and chronic disease burden owing to the ongoing pandemic.
  • It utilizes real-world and actionable insights to provide intelligent data-driven healthcare facilities.
  • It releases pressure from the healthcare infrastructure & professionals by providing individual healthcare attention to the patients at their home.

The effects of COVID-19 pandemic on digital therapeutics

With the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world has suffered from its impact especially the healthcare infrastructure and healthcare workers. The insufficient healthcare infrastructure has resulted in the wide adoption of digital therapeutics across the globe during the pandemic.

Patients having chronic diseases are at high risk and thus require more care for their health. But due to the nationwide lockdown people cannot move from one place to another to get a daily diagnosis. This problem has created the demand for some online or digital health-driven solutions and hence increases the demand for digital therapeutics solutions.

Digital therapeutics helps in treating patients having psychological and neurological symptoms. The pandemic has changed the dynamics of the healthcare system and promoted the people to adopt this new form of digital healthcare.

To sum up

The growing needs of patients to get an assessment from professional by sitting at home have increased the demand for digital therapeutics solutions. It assists in managing, treating, and preventing patients from various chronic diseases like diabetes, depression, insomnia and hypertension.

The digital therapeutics market has recorded a rise owing to the aspects like growing advancement in the healthcare industry, growing adoption of mobile technology and rising chronic diseases around the world. In addition, the rising awareness among people related to digital health solutions will also surge market growth.

Though, aspects like rising patient data privacy concerns, lack of awareness and access to the digital therapeutics solutions in the developing countries, and unstable payment models are restricting the growth of the digital therapeutics market.