Podcasts Simple Availability and Performing Multiple Tasks

Introduction about Podcasting

Podcasting is a dissemination of audio or video files, for instance, radio or music files, over the Internet by utilizing either RSS or Atom partnership for listening on mobile and computers. A podcast is a web feed of audio or video file accessible on the Internet for anyone to download or purchase.

Podcasters’ sites may also offer direct download of their documents, notwithstanding, etc. The subscription feed of automatically delivered new content is what varies a podcast from a simple download or constant streaming. By and large, the podcast features one kind of “show” with new scenes either on an irregular basis or at planned intervals, for instance, daily, weekly, etc.

Also, there are podcast networks that feature various shows on the same feed. The essence of podcasts lies in creating content (audio/video) for a group of individuals that needs to listen when they want, where they want, and how they want.

Applications of Podcasting

As the concept of podcasting began picking up fame in the mid-2000s, the utilizations of podcasting developed fundamentally from just delivering the content to also innovative and responsive purposes. Podcasts have advanced to have been utilized across different segments, for example, entertainment, sports, news, education, and others.


There are various applications of podcasting for the students. They can be used to convey important data from the instructor or coach, motivational stories, and case studies in the form of audio. Students additionally utilize the podcast as artifacts and evidence of learning. Podcasts can also be used as a method of self-reflection on the learning cycles. Podcasts can help absent students to remain on the same page.

Students who get absent due to some situations can likewise use podcasts to see class lectures, daily exercises, home assignments, handouts, and others. Additionally, numerous students want to utilize podcasts as a supplement to lecture materials. Students utilize Podcast. Before the class to get a superior understanding of the coming lecture. This thing makes them more confident and prepared already before class.students utilize Podcast

Podcasts help students to plan better for the class and empower healthy discussions. Finally, handicapped students and students who don’t speak English can utilize podcasts because they can tune in to the content over and over again.


In the U.S, both key political groups have a few podcasts. White House RSS feed is one of the famous podcasts that deliver President Weekly Addresses, White House Speeches, White House features, and White House Press Briefings. Different political personalities also use podcasts that investigate political subjects. Numerous political personalities have found podcasts as a viable method for social and political commentary.

Sports and Comedy

In 2005, podcasts that were unofficial for key sports teams have been launched. It providing fans both inner and outer of the teams’ direct broadcast zones. At the time of social media, all sports player has their social media channels that are exceptionally short. However, podcasting is a longer form and a more personal stage.

When a sports person can reach the ears of his fan a few in a year that will an occasion to associate with the fan and also grow the fan base.


In recent years, newspapers have begun utilizing podcasts. To broadcast audio content from different interviews that are printed and subsequently, fruitful in directing people to their websites. In 2005, the first leading daily paper to begin podcasting utilizing an external website is the San Francisco Chronicle.

South China Morning Post, one of the major newspapers of Hong Kong is the first paper in the world to begin podcasting utilizing its own website. Recently, it has been observed that acceptance of podcasts for news is increasing . Distribution has been more extensive, due to the significant news media; for example, The New York Times and CNN have adopted the podcast technology as a part of their services.


Because of consumer interest in personalized media, we are likely to see a huge development in podcasting. Moreover, podcasting will also observe getting more public adoption.

This growth and development caused by the convergence and enhanced abilities of devices, for example, cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and MP3 players. Listeners of podcasts have moved from PC to iPod to cell phone. In the upcoming years, it’s likely that listening will happen across all connected media gadgets.

For various media associations, podcasts will keep on offering alternative and possibly huge revenue sources. The podcasting business is continually developing and new strategies to distribute, monetize, and analyze. The content of podcasts can be foreseen to occur in the next few years. For podcasting, the modern era will undoubtedly be fascinating.