Tonic Water utilized in Alcoholic Drinks and Treat Malaria

Tonic water is the best friend of the drinks and accompanies them well. Drinks are the soul of the party which everyone enjoys with friends. It uplifts a person’s mood and let them be stress-free. Tonic water contributes a lot to drinks that make you feel light on your feet.

Alcoholic drinks have a hard taste that might not suit everyone, so we use tonic water to smooth it down and enhance its taste. It supports hard drinks in taste and intensity with its mild flavor. Tonic water provides a lighter and better taste to the hard drinks.

Tonic water is the most common drink which has different added flavors like lemon, sugar, and other fruit acid flavors. Few of the alcoholic drinks mix with tonic water to form cocktails. Mocktails also consists of tonic water with other subsequent ingredients.

Formation of Tonic Water

It is a carbonated water drink that falls under soft drinks. Tonic water contains quinine, which is a compound extracted from the cinchona tree. There is a bitter flavor you feel when you taste tonic water. That bitterness comes from quinine.

If the percentage of quinine increases, the bitterness of the tonic water also increases. Although tonic water does not have its own flavor but still some flavors are added to it. Many people consume it directly without adding any solid partner.

Originally, tonic water was originated from South America but it sounds like an Asian name. The main component of tonic water includes quinine that is present in the bark of the cinchona tree. But there are many flavors that enhance its original taste for better consumption.

Purpose of using tonic water

Tonic water has multiple uses that not everyone knows. You can also derive your way of using tonic water other than mainstream ones. But the below-mentioned uses totally depend on your way of living. So, a few uses of tonic water are:

Using tonic water for drinking purpose

A streamlined use of tonic water is using it along with the hard drinks. Not only hard drinks but mocktails also contain tonic water and several other non-alcoholic drinks also have tonic water as its component. Apart from that, you can also consume tonic water without using any other ingredients. Some flavored tonic water is also being consumed individually.

Tonic water boosts and adds up to the taste of the hard drinks and even soft drinks. Strong flavored hard drinks and soft drinks need something to mix in it. Alcoholic drinks like gin, vodka, and tequila use tonic water as a subset. 

Using tonic water for cleaning

Households and workplaces use surface cleaners for cleaning purposes. It has components that can be used for surface cleaning purposes. Many surface cleaners use the chemical in its composition, so it leaves a chemical residual on the surface after applying it. Tonic water can neatly clean up all the glass and hard surfaces.

Apart from that, tonic water can be used to clean stains on any item. You just need to dip the item in tonic water and leave it for a few hours and then wash it for removing the stains. You can easily replace your cleaning products and stain removers with tonic water. It is healthier than the chemical-based products as they leave residuals which can affect your health too.

Using tonic water for medical purpose

When tonic water originated at an early age, it has a purpose to cure diseases. The quinine present in the tonic water helps in treating diseases like malaria. There is a therapeutic property of tonic water that has many health benefits. The tonic water, which is available in the market has little amount of quinine that reduces its effect on malaria.

Although there are a few more medical uses that people reported in previous times, it has not proved scientifically. Few of the reported uses include using tonic water can help in a muscle cramp.

Makes your flowers look fresher

Freshness in flowers does not stay for a longer period of time. So, if you want to maintain the freshness of your flowers, you can simply spray a mixture of tonic water and simple water on them. Tonic water helps the flowers in maintaining their freshness.

The sugar and mineral compounds of tonic water make it possible to preserve freshness in flowers for a longer time.

To conclude

Tonic water is a soft drink that has multipurpose. It contains carbonate that comes in different flavors. It goes well with hard drinks like gin, vodka, and tequila. Other than the mainstream use, tonic water has many other uses like cleaning, etc. Tonic water has added flavors which makes it possible to consume it without using any other compound.

The demand for tonic water increases with the increasing drinking habits of the people around the globe. Along with that, there are many other factors that affect the demand for tonic water in the market.