Why LED Modular Display has Superior and better Quality

What is LED Modular Display?

A LED Modular Display cabinet is an autonomous unit that can be combined to make a more complex structure, for example, a total LED display or sign. Creating displays with modular cabinets has many advantages, for example, expanded efficiency, superior quality, constant production, better lead times, and better design flexibility to simply produce smaller signs or massive impressive displays.

Types of LED Modular Display

1. Outdoor Modular Screens

This kind of LED modular display holds a significant revenue share and is anticipated to maintain its dominance in the next few years. The Outdoor LED screen is particularly designed to give information in a visually attractive fashion even in harsh environmental conditions that include extreme heat, rain, and dust.

The segment holds a significant share in the next few years due to its massive demand for sophisticated applications like perimeter boards, advertising boards, video walls, and stadium screens scoreboards. Additionally, a rising number of outdoor activities like sports events, music concerts, product launches, brand promotion, and political assemblies are expected to propel the demand for LED modular displays in the next few years.

2. Indoor Modular Screens

The indoor modular screens segment is probably going to observe the biggest development in the coming years. The increasing demand for LED video walls to display information associated with the departure and arrival of flights, trains, and buses at air terminals and stations are expected to propel the growth of the indoor modular screen segment in the next few years. Moreover, Led video walls are the most effective and reliable video walls.

They are getting huge popularity, primarily due to their capability to give high-quality and seamless images. Hence, video walls are being widely installed in retail spaces and shopping malls. All the mentioned components are probably going to surge the demand for the LED modular screen.

Benefits of LED Modular displays

1. LED displays provides potential benefits

Some amazing features are offered by LED displays like energy efficiency, additional durability, and are eco-friendly. Severe government guidelines in Japan and China have expanded the adoption of outdoor LED displays. The outdoor LEDs save more than 50% energy when contrasted with traditional technologies such as plasma and LCD, and also cause low carbon emissions.

The backlight source of LED display is created with semiconductors and doesn’t have any filament of gas, which as a result, improves the durability of the display. Hence, these components are anticipated to propel the development of the worldwide outdoor LED display industry in the next few years.

2. Expanding the number of sports and music events around the world

Sports stadiums and public places are perfect places to target audiences for marketing and advertising strategies. Various sports and musical concerts are broadcast with the help of TV all over the world, hence expanding the visibility of LED marketing boards and displays such as LED scoreboards, LED perimeter displays, and stadium screens on the television. For example, at the time of the FIFA World Cup in 2014 in Brazil and FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, 12 stadiums were chosen with an approx capacity of seating above 45,000.

3. Monitoring, Security, and Maintenance

Billboards and large displays also need consideration for security, monitoring, and maintenance. For instance, development in cabinet engineering has significantly enhanced maintenance, particularly with front and rear service options.

Additionally, a few of the producers have eliminated multi-pin (commonly 30-40 pin connectors) ribbon cables, which directly mean quicker tile changes, less damaged cables, and tighter associations. Less number of cables provides a decrease in display weight and clutter, making it easier and quicker to find essential factors and lesser regions for heat to get caught inside.

The Impact of Covid-19 on LED Modular Display Industry

The outbreak of Covid-19 is anticipated to have a negative impact on the LED modular display industry as the strict lockdown imposed to contain the spread of the virus has disrupted the supply chains and manufacturing tasks across the world. The demand for LED modular display has decreased significantly majorly as public places are closed due to the lockdown norms, and no marketing activities are being done at public spots.

Nonetheless, the demand and interest for LED modular displays are anticipated to gain popularity after the severe guidelines are lifted and public functions and outdoor activities such as sports meet musical concerts and conference and among other resumes.

Summing Up:

A LED Modular Display cabinet is considered as an autonomous unit that can be combined to create a more complicated structure such as a total LED display or sign. The outbreak of Covid-19 has negatively affected the LED Modular display market. There are two types of LED modular displays i.e. Indoor modular screens and Outdoor modular screens. Besides, there are many advantages to using an LED modular display. Some of the advantages are mentioned above.