Gas Fire Table create a warm and inviting gathering place

What is Gas Fire Table?

A gas fire table is considered as a propane or petroleum gas-based fire table that is a focal point in your lawn. What is the difference between a fire pit and a gas table? Gas fire table generally has a base and top design, whereas a fire pit could have a simple base or even an individual burner is surrounded by pavers. Nonetheless, both the terms are frequently used interchangeably.

Gas Fire table based on distribution channel

1. Offline Channel

The segment of the offline channel has dominated the industry and holds a major share of revenue of the gas fire table industry. The massive popularity of retail store channels as it encourages the customers to have a direct look at the items, which assists in simple and easy observation of the quality and features, is boosting the growth of the gas fire table industry.

The accessibility of a wide scope of items given by various brands and the capability to compare the rates and features of products are a few of the components that are anticipated to have an optimistic influence on the growth of this segment. Moreover, discounts and other appealing offers given by retailers propel more consumer footfall in these stores.

Also, the availability of different quality gas fire tables in budgeted price offered by regional manufacturers is probably going to pull in more customers to offline channels.

2. Online Channel

The segment of the online channel is anticipated to observe the highest development in the upcoming years. The availability of a wide scope of items from local and global players online is anticipated to propel the consumer inclination for e-commerce platforms. The easy availability of premium products and their exclusive pieces are a few of the components that are going to boost sales through online channels such as the company portals.

Discount offers, festive sales, and a wide scope of items in e-commerce websites are anticipated to cause a high rate of sales through company online portals. Domestic and global players are focusing on online platforms, such as and Alibaba, to connect to their customers.

Gas Fire Table based on Product

 1. Propane based gas fire table

The gas fire table based on propane holds a significant revenue share of the industry. This is due to the flexible features of a propane-based gas fire table with the assistance of an in-built hose and a switch off and on features, hence there is no requirement to wait for the fire to extinguish or find water to douse it out when it is not in use. This type of gas fire table permits the customers to create fire during burn bans in some specific areas.

Moreover, propane pits traditionally radiate less heat as compare to a huge wood-burning fire pit, hence boosting the growth of this segment.

2. Natural gas-based fire table

Traditionally, natural gas is supplied to urban and suburban regions that can be permanently installed. Natural gas-based fire pits are commonly installed with the help of hard piped to the home, which could mean that users would not find any difficulty when they want to start the fire pit but don’t have an LP tank. Moreover, natural gas is lighter as compare to air and can dissolve easily, which results in very less chances of accidents.

Benefits of Gas Fire Tables

Gas fire tables have numerous benefits. Have a look at some of the benefits of gas fire tables mentioned below:

1. They are more visually attractive

Gas fire pits come in a variety of designs, that include those created in various kinds of stones, brick, and even glass. Because wood-burning fire pits leave unattractive remains, you frequently have to compromise appeal for practicality; however, with a gas fire table, you can concentrate on what will look appealing for your outside living space.

2. Gas fire tables are relatively safe to use as compared to wood-burning fire pits

In case you have small kids or pets at your home, your do not have to concern about them reaching too near to the fire, as you have the feature to control the flame level of your gas fire table. Moreover, there are no sparks or other harmful features that accompany wood-burning fit; this includes the severe harm caused by extreme smoke that wood-burning pit creates.

Summing up:

A gas fire table is considered a propane or petroleum gas-based fire table that is a focal point in your lawn. Based on the distribution channel, the gas fire table is segmented into offline and online channels in which offline channels have been the dominant segment.

Based on the product, the gas table is divided into propane based and natural gas-based. Moreover, owing to the various benefits of using gas fire tables, the demand is likely to surge in the upcoming years.