Green Data Center: A Green Way for Data Storage

Concept of a green data center

You could be wondering about the green data center definition. It means data storage for systems designed for enhancing energy efficiency. Additionally, these data centers also aid in lowering down the environmental impact. Firstly, we must know about data storage. Data storage refers to saving data in a storage medium. Green data centers take the help of modern technology for different purposes like the storage and management of information.

Why green technology is gaining traction?

The effects of new storage requirements would increase, as new retention norms necessitate reliable, simply accessible backups. All this new information needs different features such as security, coolness, and transmission efficiency.

Furthermore, advancements in data centers can also mean increasing physical space for new racks and other devices – all of which require cool and security.

Features of Green Data Center

1. Free air cooling

Free air cooling systems make use of outdoor air rather than regular data-center computer room air conditioner (CRAC) units. On the other hand, outdoor air still needs to be filtered and moisturized; a very low amount of energy is needed to cool a data center with this method. Outdoor air temperature is a big issue, and the data center’s location has a crucial role to play in this technology.

2. Modular data centers

A modular data center means a portable data center. It can be installed at any place where we need the appropriate amount of data capacity. As compared to the regular data centers, they are made for rapid installation, energy efficiency, and high density. Likewise, these artificial data centers in a box have gained high traction.

3. Low-power servers

Low-power servers mean more energy-effective than conventional servers in data centers. They utilize the technology of smartphone computing, which tried to neutralize performance with energy consumption.

If utilized correctly, low-power servers could be more effective in comparison to traditional servers. They can considerably influence the efficiency of the data-center; cut down the power consumption and the operating price of cooling units.

Major Benefits of Green Datacenter

1. Reduced Environmental Impact

The green or sustainable data centers help in reducing energy consumption and have a low impact on the environment as compared to the regular ones. The new equipment uses the latest technologies in order to save energy and can be deployed in sustainable data centers with ease.

Therefore, this implementation contributes to decreasing carbon footprints and negative effects on the environment.

2. Advanced Storage Experience

The BFSI sector and other industrial sectors have observed huge development in data in the last few years. The massive development in data supports the enterprises to get a sustainable and virtual data center. These data centers are highly advanced and more cost-efficient as compared to regular data centers with an aim to fulfill the ever-increasing data needs of a company.

Secondly, virtual data centers offer advanced data storage capabilities no matter what the business model and size.

3. Reduced Capital Expenditure

The regular data center gives some storage space as per the requirements of the customer company. After some time, as the requirement improves, the data center gives extra space naturally.

As per the study, approximately a fifth of all servers is unutilized considerably due to this reason. Therefore, these servers take power and other resources with an aim to increase capital expenditure. The green data centers can switch these servers off and cut down the energy consumption and cost.

4. Consumed Low amount of energy

The virtual data center has improved the efficiency in energy consumption. Virtualization empowers the IT staff to monitor and manage the equipment remotely. It helps the data center management to keep up the ideal temperature along with minimal lighting.

In addition, even a low spur in the temperature can cut down the energy cost substantially, and the virtual data center assists the operators to keep the temperature for consuming less amount of energy.


Green data center is comparatively a new thing. This is the latest innovation that helps in cutting down the power or energy in data centers and computer units. By implementing the method of virtualization to decreasing the number of servers, it is feasible to provide the maximum advantage of Data Center Corporation. The development of the global green data center market would witness bright prospects due to the supportive government activities to cut down the environmental impact of the data centers. However, the green data center market observed a decline growth rate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

IT companies majorly use the green data centers in order to lower down the environmental impact by determining, scheduling, and installing initiatives across the data center ecosystem.

A green data center has the same kinds of functionalities and abilities as compared to a regular data center. Even though, this takes less amount of energy and space as these green data centers are more eco-friendly.