Online Video Platform is Good Source of Entertainment

With the introduction of online video platforms, it has become a history that video creation like movies was only in the hands of large broadcast companies. The increased penetration of the internet and more use of smart devices has made it easy to create videos on your own.

Online video platform offers the chance to everyone to reach the mass audience across the world. It allows streaming the video content of the creators. It is basically a cloud application.

The online video platform a basic description

The online video platform is offered by a video hosting service. It is mostly paid software. It is helpful for content creators, owners, and publishers. It monetizes online video content. It allows users to store, upload, and playback the video content on the internet.

Online video platform (OVP) uses any of the given models. These models include a Software as a service (SaaS) business model, user-generated content (UGC) model, or a do-it-yourself (DIY) model. These models differ in features-set and scale.

What are different types of online video platform?

Video Hosting

Video hosting means uploading and storing the video on a third-party website. The viewers can go to the website of the third-party to access the video online. It is a cloud-based service.

Video Content Management

Viewing videos of any content has got significant popularity in past few years. The video available on different platforms must be properly managed. And for this purpose, the video content management software sounds very beneficial. Depending on the size of the videos, this software manages the overall quality of the video. It gives better video delivery to the end-users.

Video Analytics

It is also commonly called as Web video analytics. It measures, analyzes, and also reports the videos that are viewed online. This type of online video platform is helpful in understanding the behavior of the viewer and optimizes the viewing experience of the users. This in turn maximizes the engagement of the viewer and drive monetization.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is an example of online streaming media. It does both recording and broadcasting the video in real-time. Even without downloading the file, any media can be delivered and playback simultaneously.

Mobile Video

The increasing use of smartphones and the faster network has resulted in the increasing demand for mobile videos. It allows the viewers to watch online content in one place on their mobile phones only. The mobile videos in online video platforms is helpful in optimizing the content that can be smoothly played on smartphones.

Some examples of online video platform

The most popular online video platform is YouTube. In this modern age of digitalization, it has become a vital source of video distribution. Following this, Brightcove, Ooyala, Periscope, Vidizmo, Piksel, Netflix, and many more are also available.

They are based on sophisticated and versatile digital technology. Most of these online video platforms are still growing and have not gained much popularity. But it will not be wrong to say that there will be a tough competition between them in the coming years.

Who can use online video platforms?

The online video platform is accessible to everyone. The creative individual who is involved in creating quality videos depends on either paid or unpaid OVP. The content creator, brand, and enterprises are professional and they manage their large video files by OVP.

How helpful the online video platform?

  • OVP gives a common platform to share video content.
  • It is user friendly.
  • No such advanced programming knowledge is required to use the OVP.
  • It saves the bandwidth of the provided network.
  • It reduces the cost of hosting the video content.
  • It is accessed directly through a web browser.

Applications of online video platforms

Commercial Video platforms

There is a surge in the popularity of online videos over conventional methods for viewing video content. The availability of low- and free-cost video hosting platforms and monetization features like running ads between videos has resulted in the increased popularity of commercial revenue-generating videos.

Video Sharing

In the past few years, video sharing has become very easier due to increasing online video platforms. The easy accessibility of videos over the cloud, which provides independence to stream videos. Thus the videos on online platforms have become a good source of entertainment.


The online video platform Market has been witnessing rapid growth due to the increased popularity of online videos. OVP is a software that is offered by video hosting services. It is based on versatile digital technology.

There are different types of online video platforms including video analytics, video hosting, live streaming, etc. by using OVP, one can manage and improve the quality of the videos to be streamed online. So online video platforms not only reduce the cost of hosting video content but also saves the bandwidth of the network. It helps in monetizing the video content.