4 Facts you should know about Cough Syrups

Cough syrups are the liquid medication for improving cough conditions. It is the most common medication for cough and cold. It offers temporary relief in the cough & cold conditions. Generally, they are sweet liquid medication for using it in common cold & cough.

There are many people who find it effective on their health, however, there are a few people, who do not find it that much effect on their condition. It should be consumed after a doctor’s prescription; otherwise, it can have harmful effects on a person’s health.

Cough & cold are among the symptoms of many respiratory problems and nowadays it is one of the symptoms of coronavirus patients. This article will reveal some of the major facts about cough syrups that you must know about it. So, continue reading this article.

Facts about cough syrup

Cough syrup is the most common medication that is present in every household. It is a widely popular medication for the common cold & cough and it also gives instant relief for many people. However, some of the facts about cough syrup are as follows:

1. It induces sleep

Consuming cough syrup induces sleep; many people have noticed that consuming cough syrup makes them sleepy. However, dextromethorphan cough syrup affects the receptor of the brain by blocking the signals from triggering cough reflexes. Though, there is a side benefit of consuming cough medicines which is that you can easily sleep. The most common components of cough syrup are DM and Pholcodine, which is doctor prescribe to cure patients with insomnia.

2. Consuming cough syrup can cause skin problems

There are many people who have witnessed skin problems as a side effect of cough syrup. But it totally depends on the type of composition used in cough syrup; mucolytic bronchodilator content can cause bronchial spasms & rashes. However, a combined medication can also result in a runny nose, sore throat, white patches in the mouth or lips.

3. Consumption of cough syrup can lead to addiction and drug abuse

There are many studies that have found that excessive consumption of cough syrup can lead to addiction. Moreover, there are many cases in which people report drug abuse. This misuse of cough syrup is due to the over-the-counter availability of cough syrup which also leads to the addiction of this medication among people.

4. It is an unsafe medication during pregnancy

Pregnant women face a lot of problems during pregnancy, in which cold & cough and fever is the most common situation they face. However, consuming cough syrup during pregnancy can affect the baby. It can make the baby more dependent on opioids during the pregnancy period.

Types of cough syrups

There are various types of cough syrup available in the market that depends on the combination of drugs used in it. Here we are writing a few types of cough syrups that are generally available in the market for consumption:

  • Cough suppressants: They generally help in reducing the symptoms of a dry cough. It helps in decreasing the urge of the cough and suppresses it. These suppressants are also called Antitussives. It is among the commonly available antitussive in the market called Dextromethorphan.
  • Expectorants: It helps in treating the wet cough or the cough with mucus. It loosens out the mucus to make it easier to spit it out from the body. One of the most common expectorants is Guaiphenesin.
  • Antihistamine Syrups: It is majorly consumed to cure rhinitis and runny nose that have some mild sedative effects. A few examples of antihistamine cough syrups are Loratadine, Diphenhydramine, Brompheniramine, Cetirizine, and Chlorpheniramine.


Cough syrups are the common medication utilizes to treat common cold and cough. The type of cough syrup depends on the composition of medication use in the making of these cough syrups.

The growing prevalence of respiratory problems, increasing population of older people, and the effective combination of cough syrup with placebo are driving the growth of the cough syrup market. However, the increasing misuse of cough syrups along with the strict rules and regulations by the government is restricting the growth of the market.