A2P messaging: Best Way to Increases the Reach to Users

A2P messaging is a strong medium for communication that serves companies to communicate to their users. Text messages are one of the popular media of communicating through different gadgets over the networks. It helps in sending and receiving messages to the concerned person.

Growing digitalization in the world is contributing to the increasing penetration of devices like smartphones, within the global economy. Adding to it, we can say that almost every person in the world has at least one communication device. As a result of which, the reach of these communication modes is also increasing.

SMS has the maximum reach in the world than any other medium. A2P messaging is a centralized system and a famous & easy medium for delivering a message to any person in the world. Most companies use A2P messaging to communicate with their customers.

Why companies use A2P messaging

A2P messaging is widely used by the business sector for various purposes. You have surely come across many messages on your phone related to some ongoing sales, recent launches and more like these. These messages are sent by companies through the centralized A2P messaging applications. Here, we are listing the types of services for which companies use A2P messaging.

For Transactional messages

Financial institutions like banks are one of the best examples of transactional use. For example, whenever you do a transaction of money; you receive a message from the bank through A2P messaging applications. Additionally, when you place an order over any online shopping site; you receive a message after each transaction you make, from placing an order to delivery of the product. All the above-mentioned things fall under transactional messages through A2P messaging applications.

For Promotional schemes

Many companies use A2P messaging for promotional activities. During the launch of the latest product or product enhancement, they start using the messaging medium, due to the broad reach around the globe. Product launch is one of the aspects of promotional activities, however, there are so many other activities included in promotional schemes like brand promotion. Many brands opt to message medium because of its wide reach around the globe.

For Interacting with the audience

Several times, a company wants feedback from their consumers about their product or maybe other thing and communicate this thing through messaging. Besides this, you must have come across the several competition messages which certain companies send you to build their customer relationship. These types of messages come under the category of interactive services. Government organization also utilizes this application to create awareness among people about different public issues.

Types of sectors using A2P messaging

There are several verticals of the business domain that are broadly using this technology. So we are mentioning a few of the business sectors or verticals below:

  1. IT & Telecommunication companies- Companies under this domain are the major user of this application as they update their customers about their recent plans.
  2. Banking and Finance companies- Banks are the major users of the messaging application for updating their customers about payment transactions.
  3. Healthcare sector- several hospitals send invoices, timing, prescriptions, appointment scheduling, etc., via messaging applications.
  4. Education and research- Educational institutions utilize these systems to aware parents of their children and also about their future events.
  5. E-commerce- Online shopping platforms are significantly using the messaging system for login details, delivery status, product updating, etc.
  6. Government sector- Government utilizes messaging applications to issue notices among people about general interests such as verification codes, income tax returns, etc.

Providers of A2P messaging services

There are several companies working in this sector that provides messaging services to other companies. We are listing down the companies who provide these services in no particular order. These companies are as follows:

  • Twilio
  • Tata communications
  • AT&T
  • Orange
  • Genesys
  • China Mobile
  • Infobip

To conclude

A2P messaging is the mode for the communication of the companies to their users. Companies use this technology to increase sales, generate leads, build customer relationships, promotional activities; create awareness, and many more. Further, it is applied in various sectors like BFSI, retail & marketing, e-commerce, travel & tourism, healthcare, and others.

The rising number of mobile users, the increasing trend of mobile marketing, and the safety, convenience, and fast nature of A2P messaging are boosting the growth of the market. However, the stringent government rules and regulations and the adoption of the grey route are restricting the growth of the A2P messaging market.