How important Baby pacifier is for your baby

Baby pacifiers are a product, which helps babies to get calm and compose. These pacifiers are safe to suck and also keep babies busy. They are made up of different materials like silicon, which are safe for babies.

Many parents adopt baby pacifiers to stop their babies from crying. They are basically a tool that soothes down a fussy baby. In addition, they also an important role in upbringing a baby from 6 months to one year of age.

However, it can also have some negative points if you give these pacifiers to the baby in the first month. It may hamper their learning process of breastfeeding if given before one month. In this article, we will try to cover every aspect related to the baby pacifier, so that you can use them appropriately.

The making of baby pacifier

Baby pacifiers are safe to suck and also keep babies busy and calm. There are various types of baby pacifiers available in the market. There is a wide range of pacifiers available in the market that includes rings and rattles. These pacifiers are also known as soothers, teethers, and dummies.

While manufacturing the pacifier materials like rubber teat, latex, silicone, plastic & silicone mouth handle, or shields are used in it. But rubber & latex pacifiers are softer, natural, and flexible than those silicone pacifiers. However, silicone pacifiers can last longer than latex pacifiers.

Basically, a pacifier is one of the important accessories & common products to offer comfort and calm to babies. It looks like a nipple on a handle. Some babies suck bottle or nipple at the time of breastfeeding but some babies suck nipple or baby bottle even after feeding time. Babies soothe down by sucking the pacifiers.

Pros and cones of Baby pacifiers

There are many benefits babies get by using pacifiers. You can analyze these pros & cons after that you can decide whether to purchase pacifiers for your babies or not. So, here we are writing below all the required information about baby pacifiers:

Benefits of baby pacifiers

  • One of the most important benefits of these pacifiers is that it helps in reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in babies. By using pacifiers at the time naps or nighttime can protect sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Pacifiers act as a temporary distraction for the babies when they cry. They help in calm down a baby in public places. It comes in handy during and after shots, blood tests, or other procedures.
  • They help a baby to satisfy the suck reflexes. Most of the babies have a sucking habit even after breastfeeding. To fulfill this need, parents use these pacifiers till the time, their baby turns one year of age.
  • Pacifiers help babies to develop proper sucking habits which helps them at the time of breastfeeding. There are many infants who face difficulties in breastfeeding due to the lack of sucking habit.

Disadvantages of Baby Pacifiers

  • There are many cases, in which a child faces dental problems due to excess usage of baby pacifiers. So, make sure you use them under a limit to prevent any kind of dental problems in your baby.
  • Several studies found that ear infection is among the common side effect of using pacifiers in babies. But the risk only prevails if you extend the time of using these pacifiers.
  • Babies are very sensitive and prone to develop an addiction to these pacifiers. They can further develop thumb-sucking habits due to this. So, it is important to make the baby comfortable yet maintain draw a line between apt usage and over-usage.


There are many accessories that parents use for a child to make sure they are comfortable and entertain. One of the important accessories in this domain is a baby pacifier. There are many types of baby pacifiers that are available in the market, made up of materials like silicone & rubber.

If we talk about the baby pacifier market, then you should know about the driving factors of the market. So, the increasing birth rate across the world, rising disposable income of parents, and the health benefits attached to these pacifiers are boosting the growth of the market.