You Can Make Pasta Sauce to Make Various Dishes

Pasta is one of the popular food items all over the world. Its popularity is increasing day by day among people, due to its flavour and taste. The origination of pasta is said to be Italy and hence pasta sauces also came from Italy to the global market.

Pasta sauce is used to make different variety of dishes like pizzas and available in a variety of flavours like Alfredo. It is highly used in different restaurants and hotels, however, people buy pasta sauce to make various dishes at their home.

The original form of pasta sauce is made from tomatoes with a nice blend of garlic, olive oil and Italian seasoning. Pastas and pizzas are famous food items, you must have enjoyed them. Here, in this article, we will tell you about some amazing variety of pasta sauce and the nutritional value of them.

Varieties of pasta sauce you didn’t know before

There are various types of pasta sauces available in the market. But the most popular ones are white sauce and red sauce, they are among the basic pasta sauces.

However, do you know that there are several other variations of pasta sauce available in the market, which have great taste and are gaining popularity among people. Hence, we are writing some of tastiest pasta sauces to make you crave pasta more!

Pesto sauce

Pesto sauce is a healthy pasta sauce, which you can have it any day without thinking twice about it. It is basically made from basil that gives the bright and attractive green color to the sauce and pasta. In addition, pesto sauce also include olive oil, a few nuts and certain Italian seasoning. Pesto sauce is  light in nature that you can have it with your favourite cooked pasta along with your favourite cheese. Isn’t it enough to make you crave for it?

This sauce is an easy pasta sauce that you can make it at your home, if you can’t find one. Just, mix or blend all the things mentioned above and replace it with your old basic tomato sauce. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, go ahead!

Marinara sauce

It is originates from the Italian American community and is a tomato-based sauce. Marinara sauce is made from ingredients like tomatoes, garlic and some Italian herbs and seasoning. It fits well with meatball and is majorly used in casseroles, lasagna, and certain delicious sandwiches.

People usually get confused among tomato-based classic sauce and marinara. Both of them are different from each other on the basis of flavour, taste and aroma. So, you cannot miss trying this sauce.


Alfredo is the creamiest pasta sauce as it contain cream, butter and cheese in a significant amount. Though, it is not considered as a traditional kind of pasta sauce because it does not have tomatoes. People love this sauce because of its cheesy flavour that goes well with every type of pasta.

This sauce is commonly known as white sauce for pasta, which is more popular with spaghetti. Alfredo sauce is mostly combined with some meat & seafood to enhance its flavours.

What about the healthy side of pasta sauce

Most of the people think that eating pasta is not healthy at all, but it is not true. These pasta sauces contain natural ingredients, herbs and vegetables that increases their overall nutritional content. Pasta sauces contain many nutrients but that depends on the type of sauce you choose for your home. So, we are mentioning some of the nutritional value of pasta sauce below:

Vitamins and minerals content

Certain pasta sauces contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, however, it also depends on the sauce you use. Red sauce and pesto sauce are top two vitamins & minerals content sauces, in which red sauce is rich source of vitamin C due to the tomatoes used in it.

Moreover, pasta sauces can also have different vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Calcium and others.

Calories content in pasta sauces

There are some pasta sauces that are a rich source of calories, if you want to gain calories, you can have a plate of your favourite pasta but in a limited amount.

You can read the amount of calories in a sauce on it’s pack. So, when you will go to the market to buy pasta sauce, read the label carefully for your appropriate nutritional value.

To conclude

Pasta sauce is one of the popular packaged food item, which is used in households and restaurants. There is a broad range of pasta sauces available in your nearby supermarket and general stores. These sauces can be used for not only pasta but also used in the making of pizzas and many other dishes.

With the shifting food habits and changing lifestyle, most of the people are choosing the quick and easy packaged or canned food to make delicious recipes. The rising popularity of pasta and pizza is also encouraging people to have them and make pastas at home. Though, more fat content in pasta can regulate the consumers to buy them.