Mammography System to Detect Breast Cancer and Save Life

Mammography Workstation is one of the most widely used screening programs in the healthcare sector. As per the WHO, there were around 0.6 million women who died from breast cancer in the year 2018, comprising nearly 15% of all cancer deaths. There is increasing awareness among women about the benefits of early detection.

As per the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, the detection of breast cancer rose to 34.7 per 100 examinations due to mammography. In both developing and developed countries, the government is taking initiatives to promote cancer awareness programs. Therefore it is expected that in the coming few years the demand and adoption of the Mammography Workstation will increase.

What is mammography?

Mammography is the process of taking X-ray images of the breast. It is basically a screening tool. A mammogram is an image produced in the process of mammography. It is used to detect breast cancer in women.

Mammography Workstation is a specialized computer designed system. It is used for technical or scientific applications. The software applications are employed in mammography workstation. These software process and interpret the captured image. With the help of this software, it has become easier to take different concurrent views.

Who are the End-user of Mammography Workstation?

The speedy rise in the cases of breast cancer across the globe led to increased adoption of the Mammography Workstation. It is used in hospitals, breast care centers, and also in academia. As per the WHO, around 627,000 women were died due to breast cancer in the year 2018 globally. That is why due to increasing awareness among women the number of visits for cancer diagnosis has increased.

Different models of Mammography Workstation

There is a huge requirement for a digital mammography system in the healthcare sector. It is focused to enhance the workflow and productivity of the Mammography Workstation. Multimodal and standalone are two such workstations.


The standalone workstation is helpful in the integration of multimodality and multivendor images. It can streamline the efforts of clinicians by streamlining complex steps. Standalone Mammography Workstation is incorporate data from numerous modalities in a distinct location.


This multimodal Mammography Workstation uses FDA–cleared display technology. This technology allows the display, diagnostic, analysis, and interpretation of any FFDM captured image. It is also incorporated with high-resolution panel monitors that help in viewing color images.

The incorporation of vital Diagnostic Imaging modalities with PACS, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cloud-based platforms will improve the efficiency of Mammography Workstation.

Advantages of using Mammography Workstation

  • It minimizes the patient traffic load in hospitals.
  • Some mammography workstations are equipped with high-resolution medical displays.
  • Advanced mammography is provided with a user-customized template report. It has become easier for the radiologist to interpret the images obtained from X-ray.
  • It saves time for manual work.
  • Analysis of the image can be done easily.
  • The radiation in the digital mammography system is also low.

Application of Mammography Workstation

Mammography Workstation finds its application for different purposes. Some of the common applications are briefly explained below.

Diagnostic screening: Diagnostic screening is accomplished on asymptomatic women. It is helpful in the early detection of breast cancer. Early detection in turn can lead to the curing of cancer.

Clinical review: The images are captured from the X-ray and analysis done from Mammography Workstation. This can be further used for clinical review also. It is expected that the current routine breast imaging technology can be replaced by digital imaging.

Advanced imaging: With the advancement of technology, many advancements have been done in the mammography workstation. Mammography Workstation can be used to capture 3D breast ultrasound images.

Disadvantages of Mammography Workstation

  • Sometimes the results obtained can be a false positive or false negative. There is always a risk of exposure to radiation.
  • Sometimes it results in overdiagnosis.
  • It may not be beneficial for all women.

The overview

The Mammography Workstation Market has been witnessing rapid growth due to rising awareness about the benefits of early detection of cancer. At the same time, increasing healthcare expenditure, and the flourishing healthcare industry is also increasing the demand for the Mammography Workstation. With the advancement of technology, there are many innovations done in mammography technology.

It is used for diagnostic screening, advanced imaging, and clinical review. Though the high cost of mammography workstations, their tools, devices, and overall procedures is limiting the growth of this market.