Laser Hair Removal has Power to Make You Confident

Laser hair removal is becoming popular due to its speed and efficacy. Newer technology like laser has been exploited well in almost every sector. People nowadays prefer non-invasive hair removal procedures as they are not painful. The technology is getting advanced and the introduction of ultra-technology brought a new wave in the laser hair removal technique.

This is considered more secure and has minimal side effects. Also, the high incidence of skin disorders in developing countries is another factor leading to increased demand for laser hair removal techniques.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a type of medical procedure in the unwanted hair is removed using a laser.  A beam of light is used to destroy the hair follicle. It is one of the permanent solutions for hair removal. There is a stable reduction in the number of hair regrowth in the follicular cells.

Working principle of laser hair removal

Hair growth occurs in the follicular cells of the skin. Laser hair removal targets these follicular cells only. Selective photothermolysis is the primary principle of laser hair removal. It is basically matching a specific frequency of light with the duration of the pulse.

The light energy is absorbed by the melanin and heat is produced. This heat is then transferred to the target germ cell. The optimal effect is necessary to destroy the targeted tissue. The basal stem cells of the follicles are heated up which causes localized damage.

Three major types of laser hair removal?

Different wavelength of laser energy is used in this method. It varies from visible to infrared radiation. One of the most important factors is duration matching with wavelength. This decides the heating rate that is directly related to the damaging potential of the laser to the follicles.


It stands for neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet. One can wonder what it is. This complex name is very easy to understand. The laser technique that uses this Nd:YAG crystal as the medium is named so. Depending upon the type of skin and color of the hair, it is used differently. For example, practitioners use the long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser with an effective cooling tip for patients with darker-skinned and black hair. This is considered safe and effective.


In this type of laser hair removal, a diode laser is used. Basically, a diode laser is a single wavelength of light that has a high abruption rate of the melanin pigment. It has high frequency and low fluence pulses that deliver high energy to follicular cells.


An Alexandrite Laser is a popular LASER in which light energy is emitted through an alexandrite crystal.  The alexandrite laser produces energy at a wavelength of about 700-755 nm. This wavelength fits well within the absorption spectrum for melanin.  It is considered more effective for people with lighter skin. Ans it outperforms the activity of both diode and Nd:YAG in this case.

Which is better: Shaving, waxing, or laser hair removal?

There are three options available that can help in removing body hair. Here is the basic comparison among these three.

Shaving is the removal of hair using a razor. It basically cut down the hair from the shaft over the skin. That is why it is temporary. Waxing is also a good option for hair removal. This method is more efficient. There is nothing to wonder why? Because in waxing, hair is pulled out near the roots. That is why it lasts longer than shaving.

While laser hair removal destroys the follicular cells that are responsible for hair growth. Long-term and consecutive removal of hair using laser would definitely permanently remove the hair right from the root of the follicles.

Beware of the side-effects of laser hair removal!!

Some patients may complain about the side-effects like temporary rashes or burning sensations on the skin. So it yes there are some normal side effects of laser hair removal but it is not very serious. Pink skin, redness, itching, and swelling near the treatment area due to swelling of the follicles are some common effects observed post-laser hair removal.

In extreme cases, hypo or hyperpigmentation may occur near the treated area. But the introduction of ultra-technology in laser brought some more innovative laser hair removal equipment. This ensures easy healing of the burns and another skin allergy with topical applications.

The bigger picture

The laser hair removal market has been witnessing rapid growth due to the increasing demand for non-invasive hair removal procedures. It widely finds its application in beauty clinics, salons, dermatology clinics and is also used at the home. As mentioned above, laser hair removal is far better than shaving and waxing, if one wants completely rid of unwanted hair.

Depending on the type of skin and color of the hair different types of laser hair removal are used by the practitioner. Talking about the side, yes there are some side effects of this treatment but they are not very serious. It can be avoided or can be cured.