Air Ambulances Offer Preliminary Emergency Medical Care

Air Ambulance service is a faster travel service. It covers a wider area if compared to the land ambulance. It’s an emergency care system that eventually results in transporting of schedule or unscheduled patients.

Air ambulance is an aircraft with all the life-saving medical equipment. Hence they also consist of a crew of medics, for safe patient transportation. International Air Ambulance services provide emergency medical services all around the world.

This medical aid service is fruitful while dealing with a medical situation where patients require immediate medical attention. Moreover, this medical service is not available in immediate situations. There are various International companies that are great in providing these Air ambulance services.

These teams include professional medics and crew members with huge experience in emergency medical care. Hence it makes it simple for the clients to select the best flight or medical service. Therefore, International ambulance services provide their services across the globe on short notice, using private jets or small planes.

Air Ambulance services include medical escorts, ensuring that required medical referrals, expediting hospital admissions, medical clearance and airport transfers are in place.

How Does Air Ambulance Operate

This complete procedure of Air Ambulance Service has various subparts. As a result which makes it effective as well as efficient?

A Request for Haste

Air Ambulance helpline service center work 24×7. Firstly every call received by the Air Ambulance service is answered always through experienced doctors. Secondly the doctors estimate the condition of the patient through the call itself. The condition of patient is evaluated through patients case history, clinical records and medical reports.

Preparation done for Evacuation

In several Remote areas where there is neither authority nor proper runway for the purpose of to and fro. Air Ambulances provide their service even in such places so as to provide medical aid to the patient on time. The doctors on the board provide first medical attention to the patient.

Take Off

Air Ambulance come in action during situation of emergency either an accident or a natural calamity. The lowest activation time needed at the airport is 90 minutes. These Air Ambulance services get priority during the procedure of taking off or landing. These aircraft can operate green corridors at the time of emergency.

On Board

Air Ambulance service provides great help to patients. Their purpose is to make patient reach the hospital on time. These aircraft’s are fully equipped with all the necessary critical care support. During the emergency situation these critical care unit of the aircraft comes in action as they provide first aid.

Airport to Hospital

Airports globally usually provide medical centers which can eventually evacuate the patient. These medical centers directly evacuate patient from the aircraft so as to provide the medical assistance. This air ambulance service comes as a savior in these situations of misshaping.

Categorization of Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance is mainly categorized into two categories which as follows

Rotary-Wing Aircraft

  • Aircraft’s with Rotating Blades such as Helicopter known as Rotary-Wing aircraft.
  • This rotary-wing helicopter comes into action while there is an emergency situation. Then they transfer the patient to the hospital at the earliest.
  • Air Ambulances can land anywhere even where ground ambulances can’t reach.
  • During accidents and emergency situations helicopters can take off and land anywhere very conveniently.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft

  • Aircraft with fixed wings and jet engines are required for long-distance travel as they can travel long distances without refueling.
  • During inclement weather such as fog or rain fixed-wing air ambulances come as a savior as such weather conditions don’t affect them much.
  • Fixed-wing aircraft provide a comfortable experience as they more quipped due to their spacious interior.
  • These Fixed-wing aircraft are way cheaper than rotary-wing aircraft.


Air Ambulance is a millennium method. This kind of service is of great help in today’s world. During problematic situation, these services come as a savior. During natural calamities and severe accidents these air ambulance service is very helpful as it’s less time-consuming. Moreover, it’s an effective and efficient method.

There are various factors which affect the choice of air ambulance aircraft such as people suffering from respiratory diseases, organ failure, cancer, stroke, heart attack can’t travel in a helicopter. A flicker vertigo patient can’t travel through helicopter due to flickering and flashing of lights these patients face nausea, dizziness, headache and various other issues. Even Bariatric patients are also unable to travel through helicopters due to its weight limitation.

This air ambulance service is a life saver method at the time of emergency. Moreover, these emergencies come without a warning and happen at places where medical services are not available. These ambulance services are a great source as they are specialized with emergency medical care unit irrespective of geographical challenges.